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Philadelphia based 
Personal Trainer

I specialize in functional movement training for people of all ages. My goal is to help you become more physically adaptable. By utilizing training techniques that equally value strength, flexibility, endurance, mobility, and adaptability you will experience more freedom in your body and life.

I first began teaching yoga in 2015. Three years later in 2018 my yoga practice and teaching changed dramatically when I found Lara Heimann's yoga technique.  Since then I have expanded my scope of practice into Functional Movement emphasizing sustainable alignment.

Training in the Lara's Yoga Technique  also inspired me to expand my own fitness routines into cardio-respiratory, resistance, and high-intensity interval training. I completed my personal training certification in 2018 with The National Academy of Sports Medicine and have since used this knowledge to enhance and improve my yoga practice as well as my overall physical health.

Through personalized training  we'll work together to program safer and smarter movement patterns into your body .

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